6 Top Tips for 401K Plans

Investment & Finance

Are you looking for a way to prepare for your retirement? If so you should consider acta 401K plans. The key is to make the right choices when preparing for your years after retiring. Here are some top options:


  1. Avoid early withdrawals

Usually this is before you reach the ag of 59.5 or somewhere close to that. The problem with making this kind of withdrawal is that there are usually high amounts in penalties and taxes due.


You’ll likely want to avoid such situations since. It could reduce how much money you have investments for your 401K and other investments. Keep in mind when you have to spend extra funds there’s also the opportunity cost of interest you could have earned in the 401K.


  1. Meet the employer match figure

This is one of the most important tips when investing in your 401K. The reason is if you don’t invest that amount you’ll basically be giving up free money. Even if you have to make sacrifices to reach that amount it’s definitely worthwhile. Keep in mind that you’re planning for your future so it’s definitely a good option.


  1. Use the “!% rule.”

This involves boosting your contribution by 1% every year. You should consider increasing your contribution by 1% each year until you hit the maximum. Just figure out how you can save another 1% each and every year. This allows you to save more each year without putting a dent in your budget.


  1. Use the “catch up” rule

This is something you can enjoy if you’re at least 50 years old. It allows you to yearly invest an extra $5,500 in your plan. This is a great option if you get a late start investing in a 401K. Even if you’re getting a late start you can invest more as you near retirement age.


There are some of the best options when planning for an ACTA 401K plan.