A Look at The Flash Season 3 Episode 6


If there is one thing that fans can describe the flash season 3 episode 6, it would be really good. While some people might think that the episode seems to lack getting a lot of stuff done, the premise in which the episode was embarked on makes it truly interesting.

Wally has been getting dreams recently about being the Kid Flash and relates this to Joe. To get him to understand why Barry decides to tell him what actually happened to him during the ‘Flashpoint’. It is very evident though that Wally would want to do whatever it takes in order for him to get the speed he wants.

Then, a stockbroker was murdered by a Metahuman nicknamed Shade. On the other hand, Caitlin decided to reveal her power to Cisco and asked him to use his vibe on her to see the future. What Cisco sees caused Caitlin to contemplate leaving without ever coming back. This was because what Cisco saw was him killing Killer Frost in the future.

Alchemy is using his power to get Wally to come to him so the team decided to lock Wally inside the particle cells to keep him safe. After Barry and the rest stopped the next attack done by Shade, Cisco reveals the truth concerning Caitlin. Barry confessed how her powers were a result of the Flashpoint which he created.

Wally decided to volunteer to help the team locate Alchemy since he wants the memories from Alchemy to stop since they are tormenting him physically. The team agrees and while they were surrounding Alchemy, an unseen speedster attacks them. Alchemy then lures Wally into picking up his energy weapon. This encased Wally in a cocoon made of metal. The speedster which calls itself the Savitar then overpowers Barry and the flash season 3 episode 6 ends with the speedster Savitar about to stab the Flash.