Arrow Season 5 Episode 6: What Fans Should Expect


The arrow season 5 episode 6 shows the Green Arrow trying his best to track Prometheus along with Spartan. However, the question remains whether it is indeed Prometheus that they are actually trying to track or if there is a possibility that what they have in nothing more than a red herring.


When Green and Arrow and Spartan manage to get inside the abandoned warehouse that they were staking out, an explosion begins and the title of the episode can be seen  on the warehouse floor saying ; So it Begins’.


Back in the Arrow Cave, Felicity has been trying to get the rest of the team to be informed of what she has found. Diggle however, and Oliver disagreed. However, Oliver did agree to get into an interview with Susan Williams. For this particular season, the focus is the villain Prometheus who is also Quentin Lance.


The episode ends with Prometheus revealing that all of the throwing stars that he has been using to kill all the civilians that he has murdered were actually the same arrows that Oliver himself has used. This is why it was not very difficult for Oliver and for Felicity to deduce that the only person that could have access to these arrows is actually somebody who is a part of the police department.


A lot of fans are still speculating though that getting Quentin propped up as Prometheus may just be nothing but a red herring. The fans have since concluded this due to how Quentin becomes aware and conscious again after seeing him be in somewhat of a daze. He wakes up and he even sees that he is holding a throwing star. There are some fans that are thinking of this as Prometheus way to mislead Green Arrow for arrow season 5 episode 6, while there are also those that think it is the opposite.