Dating Disasters and How to Handle Them

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All over the world dating has become a very important part of a youngster’s life. Everyone wants to impress the person they are dating. For that, it is very important to avoid the usual disasters.
Hygiene: The biggest turn off for any person is bad hygiene. If you smell bad then that could be a big disappointment for your date. So always try to smell good, make sure your clothes are clean and you don’t seem like a slob.
Be Yourself: Trying to be someone else in front of your date is a mistake. Don’t shatter your own personality to impress someone else otherwise, there will be no level of comfort and the relationship won’t work.

1-1Chivalry: For a man, it is very important to be kind and gentle towards a woman. No matter, how independent or empowered a woman is opening car’s door or pulling a chair for her always impresses her.
Be Graceful: It’s always more important to look graceful than beautiful. Don’t go too far for looking beautiful that you lose your grace.
Avoid being pompous: Nobody likes a person who is self-indulged and talks about him/herself all the time. Always think before you talk.
Be a Good Communicator: Having good communication skills helps in every sphere of life. It’s important to listen to the other person with concentration and showing interest in communication. Maintain to be a good speaker as well as a listener.