How to Choose the Best Cordless Drill


Whether you are fond of doing your maintenance projects in your house or you do conversions, it is important that you know the right ways in choosing the best cordless drill. Cordless models are amazing things to own since you get to bring them anywhere without worrying about the wires that can block your path when you do your work.


There are three basic features that you should keep in mind when choosing a cordless drill – power, handles, and clutch.


When it comes to power, it is measured according to battery voltage. Higher battery voltage equals to higher torque-spinning strength. This will help against the resistance it receives when running. The top end voltage these days have increased to 18v from 9.6, but the models range in between. The higher voltage drills these days bring enough power


Before the cordless drill was introduced into the market, the majority of the drills possess pistol grips, wherein the handle behind its motor was like the handle you see with guns. However, most of the cordless drill these days possess the T-handle – the base of the handle flares out, thus preventing any slippage and at the same time accommodate the battery. Since the battery is centered under its weight and the motor’s bulk, the T-handle can provide better balance, especially with heavier drills. Another feature of the T-handle drills can sometimes get within tighter spaces since your hand is not getting in the way at the drill’s center.


The best cordless drill comes with an adjustable clutch. This is located right behind its chuck, which disengages its drive shaft from the drill. It makes that clicking sound, especially when the preset level resistance is detected. The reason why it needs a clutch is that it provides you control that you do not strip a screw or even put it into overdrive once it has reached a snug.