Lie Detector: The positive effect of a pre-test and post-test interview

Lie Detector


There are some sources which discuss a pre-test including the post-test interview which is presented within the lie detector test examiner that can determine several signals being selected when a person appears to be scared or nervous while taking the exam. Moreover, there are some employers who do not seek people that are lying or being dishonest because they managed to use polygraphs to check if a certain person can provide straightforward responses for clarifications and a consistent statement. However, there is additional pressure whether the lie detector test can let the candidate create minimal possibilities towards in telling the truth.


On the other hand, one of the useful effects for lie detectors is it secures the honesty of the company. There are other companies around the world that make use of lie detectors such as in London, for instance, see here One of the main functions of using polygraphs is particularly mentioned within the company’s rules and regulations as part of their program in order to help in stopping the temptations and dishonest culture within the working environment since workers understand that they can undergo a lie detector test which is why the truth should always be inclined in many ways. There are new employees who are being told that getting a lie detector test can sometimes be taken whether they opt to go for the job since the main role of such exams should not take effect towards their morale.


Although there are times when it can create trust issues when undergoing polygraph tests since it is being used by the employer to determine if he or she can give his full trust to the employees but as you can see, such tests can affect the trust of between the employee and employer.


Lastly, there are times when an employee senses that their employers do not completely trust them which can lead to disappointments and a negative impact towards his performance.