Teenage girls in England suffer from depression and anxiety

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There is a sheer importance of having a sound mind along with a sound body. Mental health issues are a growing concern in every part of the world and England is no exception. According to a report submitted by the department of education who spoke to 30,000 students of age 14-15, more than one in three teenage girls are suffering from anxiety or depression. There are many reasons for this rise in anxiety or depression among teenage girls. One of the main reasons is the use of social media and having a profound effect on social networking in their lives. Young girls use social media in order to keep a check on what their peers are doing, who is having more excited life and who’s not. They indulge themselves completely in the race of having more likes and shares and there is no constructive use of these popular platforms. 4-1
The other reason is educational pressure. Teenagers feel stressed when they have to compete with their fellows in school and they are judged on the marks they get rather than their skills and uniqueness.
Gender issues also contribute to the disturbance in mental health. Girls have to compete with young boys in every field and have to prove themselves in every sphere of life.
All these factors along with other factors make teenage girls stressed and the increased stress leads to anxiety or depression.