What are hashtags on Instagram?

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The hashtag is a symbol or code that allows search engines to find and segregate the messages, keywords integrated within the source – say for when it is Instagram for pictures.


Once after tagging the post with the hashtag (#), others could be able to see tap the hashtag to view the page showing all the components: photos and videos posted there. And things to remember are that:


  • When people with personal profiles tag photos, chances are less to be able to see as they won’t appear publicly on hashtag pages.

Say, for example, if you type #pet or #mylovablepet in anyone of your posted pictures, any user from any corner of the world when looking for a pet or lovable pet, they would easily your picture and others with the same keyword.


Where should the hashtags be used on Instagram?


Hashtags can be used in every single of the post, for example, hashtag can be inserted in the picture that one posts on the page.


– With your Instagram Username: The picture that one posts on the page must carry the user name, therefore hashtag can be inserted as like #yourname or #yournickname


It enables the other users to see the pictures that you posted.


– With the Subject of a picture: Try adding any small description or name to the picture in order that when anyone searches similar to your category can be able to see your post, hence your Instagram page gets marketed.


#Picture of my #pet cat called Kitten in my #garden


Also, one can add that where the picture had taken and who were all with them. By using the hashtag, the other users can be able to come to know about the places along with.


For example #Pic of my #teamout in #Malaysia


Hashtags are special techniques that really work well for others to drive to your page.


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